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Agencies and DAM – the essential need

Going for Gold in the new DAM 2016 Orchestration

Agencies must undergo digital transformation - and they have to do so quickly. The good news is that it can be done and it doesn’t have to be painful. Managing the link between content and process is the key and DAM is the answer. Asset proofing, approvals and routing can all be streamlined. Content can get to market faster and ROI improved. Superior client experience is now dependent on the quality of the agency’s digital channels. Agencies need a good DAM solution at the center of their marketing technology strategy.

Join us to discuss:

  • What agencies need from DAM 
  • How agencies are applying DAM in production and management
  • What the best-in-class are doing – and the benefits they are reaping
  • The art of ‘getting everyone on board’


Business Development Director
Digital Content Specialist and DAM Consultant
CEO & Founder

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Since 1985 DALIM SOFTWARE has been developing creative production solutions for printers, publishers, agencies, retailers and brands. Collaboration and automation play a key role in the global economy today, as the effectiveness of reducing cycle times, getting to market quicker with fewer touch points has become as essential competitive advantage.