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The State of Creative Ops: Strategies and Insights for 2024

70% of marketers and creative professionals report satisfaction with their creative process, from initial brief to final output. 

However, a paradox emerges as more than 50% of campaigns face delays due to operational challenges, according to an extensive survey conducted by Demand Metric, a research agency, and Rocketium, a creative operations platform. 

Their comprehensive survey of marketing and creative professionals in the US also revealed that 81% of the respondents waste some ad spend due to campaign delays.

Join Jerry Rackley, Chief Analyst at Demand Metric and Assistant Head of Department at the School of Marketing at Oklahoma State University, and Satej Sirur, CEO, Rocketium, alongside industry leaders, as they delve into key findings, real-life case studies, and discuss:

  • Insights from the 'State of CreativeOps 2024’ report
  • Navigating current challenges and opportunities to enhance the creative process
  • Future strategies for enterprises to do more with less


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Co-founder and CEO
Chief Analyst
Demand Metric Research Corporation
Global Chief Strategy Officer
VP, Global Creative Operations
Estee Lauder

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