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Investment in Vehicle Charging Points – The Commercial Opportunities

A review in detail 

What, when, how, where

Demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is predicted to continue outpacing internal combustion engine [vehicle] sales. The move from petrol/diesel to electricity will happen at an increased pace supported by rapidly improved EV technology and declining prices.

With increased focus on sustainability and cities transitioning to cleaner mobility, fuel station viability will be adversely affected – as this accelerates, what will happen to existing fuel stations? Which stations will be impacted first? What will happen to the sites when they become unviable as fuel stations?

With increased demand and improved technology, electric charge point investment will become increasingly profitable. When and where will this happen and how can various stakeholders capture value through charge point ownership?

Major transitions like this one create commercial opportunities. This mass shift in mobility patterns presents a great opportunity for real estate owners and property developers, however potential losses will materialise for those who fail to adapt.

Moreover, there already are and there will continue to be an increasing number of regulations and policies to navigate, but the prizes for those that find their way through are huge. Many businesses (e.g.: supermarkets, hotels) will therefore provide charge points as an ancillary service. 

Benefits include: 

  • Attracting new, higher value customers
  • Increasing foot traffic and time spent in-store
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Better sustainability for all stakeholders

This free webinar will cover who is currently doing and planning what and the latest thinking on:

  • Who are the various stakeholders driving the transition to electric transport?
  • What are the phases and major growth drivers of the transition, and when will these occur? 
  • What are the main business models and where will opportunities for property players arise?
  • How do opportunities at the customer end point and in creating/supporting the infrastructure compare?
  • What will happen to existing fuel stations and how will their value be impacted? 
  • Where else does collateral damage fall as the transition gains pace?
  • Real estate values – which are the desired locations and what are their potential values? Including implications for existing property.

Bottom line focus of the webinar:

How property players can best position themselves and where they should invest to gain a competitive advantage and successfully leverage the EV transition.

For all property professionals: property investors, developers, funders, surveyors, planners, agents, solicitors, petrol/diesel station owners and representatives of local authorities.


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Charles River Associates
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Principal - Energy and Industrials Strategy
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